About the Patriots Marching Band

The Patriots is a military style marching band made up of students from the Spring Lake Park and St. Anthony Village school districts. After practicing during the spring, the band marches in 7 or 8 parades in Minnesota, as well as 1or 2 parades during a major trip. Destinations for past trips have been Bristol, Rhode Island; Greeley, Colorado; Calgary, Alberta; Atlanta, Georgia; Montreal, Quebec; Pittsfield, Massachussetts; Arlington, Texas; Philadelphia, PA.; Bristol, RI with stops in Boston and Cleveland; St. Louis, Missouri.

Parent Information

What are start times for parades and practices?
Practices begin at the times noted on the schedule. Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Arrival times on parade days
are 15 minutes prior to departure time.

What is my daughter's/son's responsibility for the uniform?
Each band member will receive a uniform for which she/he is responsible. The uniform comes in a garment bag and includes gloves, shoulder cords, and a hat. All uniforms have been dry cleaned and mended. Band parents have already gone through the uniforms to mend as many things as possible. However, some things may have been missed. Please go over the uniform carefully and fix anything you find. Also, check the hem of the pants to make sure there's a mild break in the front pressed crease (yes, they need to put the pants on). Parade judging points can be lost on uniform problems.

You may need to dry clean the uniform during the season. Gloves may also need washing throughout the season. Students should also keep 2-4 safety pins on the inside of their uniform top for emergency purposes.

What kind of socks, shoes, and marching t-shirts are needed?
Rubber-soled black leather shoes – shoes that can be polished – and black socks are part of the uniform for everyone but female flags & rifles as well as commanders. Shoe polish for the trip is needed.

Female flags & rifles will place their own shoe order together. Approximate cost is $35 for their shoes. Wait for word from your student about this.

Under the uniform, all students MUST wear a plain white t-shirt -- no writing or printing whatsoever – and boxers or thin, soccer-type shorts so uniform coats and pants may be removed right away in cases of overheating without revealing undergarmens.

Black marching shoes can be ordered from Band Shoppe or other such companies. The kind we use are called Drillmasters (with their “patented rolled heel!”). Band Shoppe's phone number is 800-457-3501 (fax: 800-874- 3635) and their price is usually $23.95/pair when 3 or more pairs are ordered.

Annual Patriots season t-shirts (band members)
Each student will have a Patriots season t-shirt ordered for him or her. Please ask your son/daughter about dollar amount (checks to "Patriots Marching Band") and timeline. Most sections of the band tend to get section t-shirts with their own designs, too.

Red Patriots polo shirts (parents)
The Official Patriots parent shirt is a red Patriots polo (a sleeveless version is available for women). Interested parents can use the order form included in this packet to order their shirts. Please include payment to "Patriots Marching Band" with the shirt order.

What should marchers do to prepare for parades?

  1. Eat well the day of the parade (including breakfast!), and drink lots of fluids -- water or Gatorade-type drinks -- daily or at least no later than the day before a parade or practice. Many of the heat and fatigue problems over the years could have been prevented with normal food and water consumption.
  2. Bring instrument and complete uniform, on time, to the meeting site.